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S3H: Design, Hardware, Construction & Operations

Heidra provides design through to operations expertise for Small, High-Head Hydro (S3H). Sites are typically rural, upland schemes with capacities from 5 to 500 kW.

Our core products:

  • Compact Turgo Turbine, 1- 3 jet to 85% efficiencies.
  • Easy-Clean, Inclined Wege-Wire intake screens (SS316)
  • Profienergy Siemens based control and grid connect system: Remote access with app via satellite, GSM or Broadband. 20 kHz PWM actuator control considerably improves actuator motor life.
  • Direct, Habasit Flat-belt or ABB Dodge Synchronous belt drive systems to 97-99.8% efficiencies.
  • IE3 Asynchrous Induction and Synchronous Reluctance generators.
  • Penstock specification.
  • Penstock performance and rehabilitation.

We offer a turnkey operations and maintenance service with an assessed, agreed and planned maintenance and upgrade route to achieve maximum potential from your site. Initial assessment is free apart from travel and subsistance, providing you are happy to fit with our timescales. We are happy to maintain Cross-Flow and Pelton turbine sites in addition to Turgo turbines.

Through our partner network, we are able to manage any necessary flow analysis and environmental impact analysis for your planning application, environmental consents and financing. Overall Management under the same roof as Engineering Design helps keep pre-construction costs to a minimum whilst ensuring the maximum performance of your site.

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High Head Hydro

Flow Duration Curve
Minimum environmental impact and reliable performance
Spear Jet
Pelton, Turgo and Cross Flow hydro electric turbines
Pipe Laying
Skilled on-site managers ensure installs proceed to schedule.

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