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S3H: Design, Hardware & Construction

Heidra provides design, hardware and construction expertise for Small, High-Head Hydro (S3H).

Sites are typically rural, upland schemes with capacities around 100 kW, enough to power approximately 100 homes.

Through our partner company, Hydro Power Development, we are able to provide any necessary flow analysis and environmental impact analysis for planning application, environmental consents and financing.

Heidra designs and fabricates its own range of Opti Flow Turgo turbines and is a reseller of reliable Pelton and Cross-Flow turbine manufacturers to cover the complete spectrum of S3H sites.

Heidra has developed rapid, secure pipe fixing technology for sites where trenching is not a viable option.

High Head Hydro

Flow Duration Curve
Minimum environmental impact and reliable performance
Spear Jet
Pelton, Turgo and Cross Flow hydro electric turbines
Pipe Laying
Skilled on-site managers ensure installs proceed to schedule.

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