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Heidra's origin is on the slopes of Dartmoor National Park where site operations are still based. Heidra's main office is now in Berkhamsted, allowing easier access to the rest of the UK. Our primary aim is to develop the vast renewable energy potential of rural sites.

Many small, but financially viable sites, are not attractive to large-developers and remain unutilised. Heidra aims to support the latter by applying leading edge large-scale methodolgies to the smaller scale, with a linear scaling of the cost. By minimising overheads and taking a lean approach during the whole development cycle, Heidra is proving that many small-scale rural renewable energy sites can be financially viable, efficient and sensitive to the surrounding environment. The business model that Heidra employs assumes that the services provided will be used by a large number of customers so that the economies of scale can be captured.

Steve Ritchie

After a first class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from Leeds, Steve was employed by Imperial College, London and received a PhD for work on industrially funded projects to understand failure mechanisms of pressurised pipelines used by the water and gas industries. Later, Steve was employed as a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Design at the University of Exeter where he further developed his research interests in manufacture, polymer materials and complex flows. Steve left lecturing to develop his concepts for Heidra. He is a chartered Mechanical Engineer with a wide ranging experience in mechanical and electronic industrial designs.

Jon Cuming

Jon is the operations director of Heidra and brings a vast experience of reliable engineering design and fabrication to Heidra. Jon initially worked as an agricultural Engineer and then as an aircraft Engineer for Flybe. Jon ensures Heidra's products and services meet the kind of Quality and Health & Saftey standards demanded by the aircraft industry. He has extensive experience of working in the rural environment and leads Heidra's installation teams.


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