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Hydro Design

Heidra has developed a modular approach to S3H design. Components include:

  • Intake: Self cleaning tyrolean, coanda or passive wege wire cylinder intakes are used which avoid the need of either regular maintenance or power assisted cleaning devices. A suitable choice of intake to maximise power production and minimise abrasive particles entering the turbine is essential for the smooth functioning of a Small High-Head Hydro (S3H) electric system.

  • Penstock (pipeline): S3H systems can experience pressure surges due to blockages at the turbine nozzle. These surges can produce a pressure wave which passes up the pipeline and instigate rapid fracture. Heidra has the appropriate in-house skills to ensure against the risk of such failure. We will specify the most appropriate, cost-effective pipeline and supporting structures for your system. Pipelines can be either plastic or steel, depending on the ground condition.

  • Turbine: Heidra has developed its own Optiflow T17 turgo turbine for S3H systems. The turbine includes a high efficiency, brushless induction generator.

  • Control System: Using industial grade PLCs, Heidra will ensure your S3H scheme generates maximum power over the optimum range of flows. Systems are all supplied with touch panel screens and options for on-line monitoring and alarms by email and text. The systems constantly monitors performance and warn of any drop in efficiency. Integrated soft-start systems ease grid connection.

Hydro Construction

Together with standard pipe trenching and tunelling Heidra has developed in-house pipe fixing technology to secure overground pipe work. The technique minimises environmental impact. Together with pre-fabricated intake structures, we are able to ensure the site ecology is placed under the minimum stress during construction.

Hydro Refurbishment

Heidra undertook the complete refurbishment of a 1900s Gilke's Twin Vortex turbine at Margam Country Park, under contract to Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council. You can see a video summary of our work on youtube.



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